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USS Nimitz Begins Sea Trials Following 20-Month EPIA

Stennis Drydock

BREMERTON, Wash. USS Nimitz (CVN 68) got underway Oct. 5 for Sea Trials following a 20-month Extended Planned Incremental Availability (EPIA) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) here, which started in February 2015.

Nimitz entered the shipyard for its fifth major maintenance period and completed the largest maintenance period without bringing the carrier into dry dock, according to Cmdr. Mark Yates, Nimitz chief engineering officer and Smithfield, Va. native.

“We’ve repaired and replaced quite a few systems,” said Capt. John Ring, Nimitz commanding officer. “It’s been a great relationship over the last two years working with shipyard superintendent Brian Fazio and his team, dealing with the many challenges we’ve had in the yards.”

During this period, more than 14 major upgrades have been made to Nimitz with more than 600,000 man-days of work accomplished by ship’s force and civilian personnel. Read More…

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Sep 20: Tour of USS John C Stennis (CVN-74)

With USS John C. Stennis CVN 74 having just returned to Bremerton from a long deployment on August 14th and already in a major maintenance period it was a special privilege for a group of Navy League members and guests to be able to tour the ship on September 20, 2016.  Although commanding officer CAPT Gregory Huffman was away from the ship we were warmly welcomed aboard by newly appointed executive officer CAPT Scott Miller and personnel from the ship’s media relations group.  CAPT Huffman’s wife, Judy, did join us for the tour.

We first heard a safety briefing about watching for places where head injury could occur as well as a “heads up” about not tripping while negotiating the raised bulkhead at passageway openings.  The overall damage control process was also explained including information about the various items around the ship painted red.  And even though there is a basic group of sailors immediately responsible for firefighting should there be a fire then all hands become firefighters and are trained to do so.

Our first stop on the tour was the Ship’s Store where a brisk business in ball caps and other items was conducted.  The MWR program benefits from the proceeds.  Along the way to our next stop, the hangar bay, we passed through a closed galley which is a busy place when the ship is underway.  At full complement, including the air wing, there are 5,000 personnel on board and 15,000 meals are served each day.  An amazing effort…particularly considering it is every day.

In the hangar bay, used for aircraft storage and repair, it was noted that the area is used to get aircraft out of the weather.  The US Navy can rebuild a jet engine while at sea if necessary using on board facilities and the Navy is considered to be the best in the world at doing this.  Four aircraft elevators at various locations around the perimeter of the ship can go up or down in 4-5 seconds and can handle more than one aircraft at a time.  The mechanism for underway replenishment is located in the hanger bay and its operation was described to us.  Maintaining a parallel course while at operating speed with two ships almost next to each other is an important, but necessary task, as supplies such as fuel for the aircraft and food for the crew must be resupplied from time to time.

On the flight deck, where resurfacing was in progress, it was explained that four catapults are available for use and that during the day there can be a launch every minute.  At night every two minutes.  Every day there are approximately 140 sorties.  Fueling and arming/rearming is done only on the flight deck.  Arresting gear, consisting of 4 “wires” – the third being the optimum one –  takes care of landing.  During the launch of an F/A-18 there is a “no hands on controls” rule at take off…the computer controls react faster (and better) than a human at this critical moment.

Because much of the rest of the ship was undergoing maintenance that would compromise our safety the tour necessarily concluded here.  But just viewing the Stennis from the pier is something not to be soon forgotten.  And as a bonus we were able to view the newly painted USS Nimitz CVN 68 just across the way.

Thank you to everyone aboard Stennis and to Byron Faber for arranging another super tour.


The Salish Sea Native American tribes have a local custom of getting together on a periodic basis to affirm their traditions and culture. The annual expedition, which began more than 25 years ago, involves tribes from the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Canada, which travel to new tribal locations to pick up additional canoes until they all land in their final destination. The event is coordinated to provide a personal journey towards healing and recovery of culture, tradition, and spirituality. During this year’s Canoe Journey 2016 – Paddle to Nisqually, the Suquamish Tribe hosted a 2 day stopover in Suquamish for 60-80 tribal canoes.

canoe-carryAbout 50 Sailors from NBK and Marines from the Marine Force Security Battalion, volunteered to carry the canoes from the landing locations to ensure their safety from the high tides. The 1000 pound canoes require several people to lift and carry them to high ground.

In a ceremony last week Naval Base Kitsap and the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion were thanked for their assistance.



NBK Master Chief Castellonos accepts Thank You Blanket

NBK MC Castellonos accepts Blanket

MSFSBN LCol Reed accepts Drum

MSFSBN LCol Reed accepts Drum

Canoe journey Thank You Breakfast

Canoe Journey Thank You Breakfast


Come out and help us celebrate the 241st Navy Birthday! The United States Navy was originally established as the Continental navy on October 13,  1775, when the Continental Congress authorized the procurement, fitting out, manning, and dispatch of two armed vessels to cruise in search of munitions ships supplying the British Army in America.

Ddml John Tammen CSG 9Our Guest Speaker will be Rear Admiral John W. Tammen, Commander Submarine Group 9. The Group Commander provides oversight for shipboard training, personnel, supply and material readiness of SSBNs and their crews. The Group Commander is also responsible for nuclear submarines undergoing conversion or overhaul at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton. As Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet Representative, COMSUBGRU NINE coordinates all submarine matters in the Pacific Northwest.

Rdml Tammen comes to us from US Strategic Command where he served as Deputy Director of Plans and Policy. This is his third tour in the area. He has previously served as the Engineer Officer onboard USS Nevada, and as Commodore Submarine Squadron 19. Rdml Tammen Bio

Location is the Bangor Conference Center, Trident Ballroom, NBK, Bangor.

Doors open at 11:00, Lunch begins at 11:30

Registration: Please call Evergreen Transfer & Storage at 360 674-2762 for your lunch registration. Please call before Oct 4.

  • Members without base access; processing time can take weeks.
  • Please give your name as it appears on your driver’s license.
  • Spell your name to make certain that it will be correct on the gate access sheet. Provide your date of birth and city of birth.
  • Members without enhanced WA Drivers License need to be on the base access list or be escorted.
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16 Sept: NUWC Keyport POW/MIA Ceremony


Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division-Keyport hosted the 8th  annual ceremony to honor America’s Prisoners of War and Missing in Action service members. Master of Ceremonies Commander Dustin Demorest of NUWC Keyport provided the background and the history of efforts to identify unknown remains. Guest Speaker Captain Alan Schrader, Commanding Officer of Naval Base Kitsap recounted the recent successes that resulted in the identification of the remains of World War II veteran Lt. Julian Jordan. Jordan was Assistant Engineer onboard the Nevada-class battleship USS Oklahoma (BB 37) when the attack on Pearl Harbor took place.  He was indentified with the use of DNA profiling after his body was exhumed from the battleship. The funeral took place at the Lewis Funeral Chapel in Bremerton, Washington, 75 years after the attack.

Navy Band Northwest provided the vocal performance to accompany the passing and raising of the American flag.

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USS John C Stennis Stand-out Sailors Honored by Navy League


Four Third Quarter 2016 Sailors of the Quarter (SOQs) from the Bremerton-based aircraft carrier USS JOHN C STENNIS (CVN 74) were recognized by the Navy League of the United States (NLUS) Bremerton/Olympic Peninsula Council during a recent luncheon. Appearing left to right: Commanding Officer, CAPT Gregory Huffman; Council President, Tim Katona; CMDCS (AW/SW) Weba Roberts; Senior SOQ AM1 (AW/SW) Jason Knopes; ABCM (AW/SW) Jack Hudson; Command Master Chief, CMDCM (SW/AW) Benjamin Rushing; Blue Jacket of the Quarter ASAN (AW/SW) Darrell Farnham; SHCM (SW/AW) Warren Brown; Junior SOQ ABH3 (AW/SW) Justine Rolava; and SOQ SH2 (SW/AW) Montrell Thomas.

Silverdale, Washington. Four Third Quarter 2016 Sailors of the Quarter (SOQs) from the Bremerton-based aircraft carrier USS JOHN C STENNIS (CVN 74) were recognized by the Navy League of the United States (NLUS) Bremerton/Olympic Peninsula Council during a September 13th luncheon held at the Bangor Plaza on Naval Station Kitsap–Bangor. Each awardee was presented a soaring eagle statuette engraved with their names by Council President, Tim Katona, with assistance from Bremerton Mayor, Patty Lent. The carrier’s Commanding Officer, Captain Greg Huffman, Command Master Chief, CMDCM (SW/AW) Benjamin Rushing, and the awardees’ respective Department Leading Chief Petty Officers (DLCPOs) were present to honor the stand-outs for their hard work and individual efforts. Huffman was also the guest speaker and enlightened the audience regarding achievements and challenges from the ship’s recent deployment. Read More…

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Naval Base Kitsap gains new commanding officer

BREMERTON, Wash. – After serving on countless deployments and patrols, 13 relocations, and surviving two tours in Washington D.C., Capt. Edward “Alan” Schrader is finally home.

Schrader officially took responsibility of Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) from Capt. Thomas A. Zwolfer at a Change of Command ceremony on Pier Charlie at NBK-Bremerton Sept. 9.

As the NBK commanding officer, Zwolfer was influential in administering the base’s energy conservation projects, which reduce energy costs while protecting the environment. He also oversaw the renovation and conversion of the NBK Evergreen Inn Galley to the now All American Restaurant, to effectively serve the high number of vessels and base personnel.

“I don’t think it is any secret that I have thoroughly enjoyed my job,” Zwolfer said. “I had the opportunity to work with committed and talented people both in and outside of the fence line who care about the people they serve. It has been a pleasure to lead such an outstanding team for the past three years. I want to thank the Navy for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.”

An installation’s success is predicated on the strength of its relationships within the community. Zwolfer stepped into the job committed to ensuring the Navy was a responsible neighbor and partner, while furthering the community’s awareness of NBK, according to Rear Adm. Gary Mayes, Commander, Navy Region Northwest.

He added, “Alan Schrader is the right officer for the job and will build on Tom Zwolfer’s successes, taking Naval Base Kitsap to the next level.”

Schrader is a 24-year Navy veteran whose assignments include, ballistic missile submarine USS Nevada (SSBN 733)(BLUE) commanding officer, Navy ROTC instructor at University of Colorado and most recently, branch head of Operations, Evaluation & Training, Strategic Systems Programs (SP 205), Washington D.C.

“As (my family) drove through the Cascades this summer, we knew we could say our home is in Washington,” Schrader said to the service members, civilian personnel, and guests gathered on Pier Charlie. “I’m excited for the challenge and am humbled for the opportunity to lead all the bases and properties, which make up Naval Base Kitsap – it’s time to get to work.”

Zwolfer, who took command of NBK in July 2013, will move up the road to NBK-Bangor as Mayes’ chief of staff at NRNW.

Naval Base Kitsap provides world-class service, programs and facilities that effectively and efficiently meet the needs of hosted war-fighting commands, tenant activities, crew and employees at several installations including Bangor, Bremerton, Keyport, Manchester and Jackson Park.

capt-edward-schraderCaptain Edward “Alan” Schrader graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Additionally, he holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Colorado in Electrical Engineering.

His submarine assignments were as a Division Officer on USS BATFISH (SSN 681), as Combat Systems Officer on USS SPRINGFIELD (SSN 761), as Executive Officer on USS KENTUCKY (SSBN 737)(BLUE), and as Commanding Officer of the USS NEVADA (SSBN 733)(BLUE).  During his command tour, he led the combined crew through the final stages of a 27-month, 200 million dollar Engineered Refueling Overhaul.  After crew split, he then led the Blue Crew through all certifications for strategic operations and four strategic deterrent patrols.

His staff and shore assignments include as NROTC Instructor at the University of Colorado, Executive Officer of Moored Training Ship (MTS 635), as Action Officer and Executive Assistant to the Director for Force Structure, Resources, and Assessment (J8), the Joint Staff, and as Branch Head, Operations, Evaluation, and Training, Strategic Systems Programs (SP 205).

Schrader is authorized to wear the Legion of Merit, Joint Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (three awards), Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (four awards), the Joint Staff Achievement Award, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (two awards), and the Battle “E” Efficiency Ribbon (three awards).

Schrader currently resides in Poulsbo, WA with his wife Patty and sons Ryan and Matthew.

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Oct 8: Kitsap Navy Ball

NL Navy Ball 2014Saturday, October 8, 2016
Trident Ballroom, NBK-Bangor
Doors open:  4:30 PM
Cocktail hour:  5:00 PM
Ceremony/dinner:  6:00 PM
Tickets: $35 for civilians and retirees


The Navy League will coordinate reservations for a table. Please contact Bob Lamb by September 20th for reservations. Email:, Phone: 360-710-2326. The ticket cost is $35 for civilians and retirees.

Over 450 local military attended last year’s Navy Ball held at Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor. The Chief of Naval Operations has stated that the Navy Birthday is one of the two Navy-wide dates to be celebrated annually, Since 1972 this occasion is designed to “enhance a greater appreciation of our Navy heritage, and to provide a positive influence toward pride and professionalism in the naval service”.

Navy League members are honored to be invited and each year we enjoy this opportunity to participate. What fun to spend an evening with a huge group of young people who are excited about what they are doing and looking toward the future.


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Combined Federal Campaign

Support our sea services!
It’s that time of year for the Combined Federal Campaign. To continue the work the Bremerton Olympic Peninsula Council Navy League does in support of our sea services, make sure to donate today via CFC Number 19117

Lone Sailor

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