Navy League Events

Upcoming Events

Feb 25 Tour Puget Sound Navy Museum, Bremerton at 10AM
Mar 2  Dolphin Scholarship Auction at NBK Bangor Trident Ballroom at 5PM
Mar 5 Board of Directors Meeting Kitsap Golf and Country Club at 5PM
Mar 12 Monthly Luncheon NBK Bangor Trident Ballroom at 11:30 AM
Mar 29/30 Washington State Science Fair WSSEF Bremerton High School

Navy League Luncheons

The monthly luncheons are held at the Bangor Conference Center in Trident Ballroom on base at Bangor, on the second Tuesday of the Month. Doors open at 11 am and we try to conclude the program by 1pm.  Cost is only $15. and we accept cash or checks, no credit cards.

Please call Realty Station 360-377-5699 for your lunch registration. Please call at your earliest convenience. 

Hints to make this successful:

  • Cut off for reservations is the Tuesday before the Luncheon
  • Please give your name as it appears on your driver’s license.
  • Spell your name to help make certain that it will be correct on the gate access sheet.
  • If you do not have base access, you will need to provide your date of birth and city of birth.

Thank you for making your lunch reservations by the deadline.

We are privileged to be able to have our lunches on a high security military base and to have active duty members join us for our events.  To make this possible, we try to make certain that security has all of the names at least six days in advance so that the system for gate access works smoothly.

Our current practice requires a registration one week in advance of the meeting by calling Realty Station at 360-377-5699. For those members with base access this is sufficient notice to tell the cooks how many people to plan for.

For members without base access we need to know much sooner (weeks) to allow for security to review and develop a base access list to be positioned at the gates. Please call Shannon as early as possible to allow for a smooth process. Members who are on the Base Access list may use their current Washington State Drivers License.

If this process isn’t completed the only other option is to ride with someone who does have base access.

Access Information Required:
Name as it appears on the Drivers License Date of Birth, City of Birth.

We rely on an accurate reservation list so that there is enough food and seating available for everyone. This means some advance planning, shopping and preparing.  As you have noticed, there is always space and food for a few more, but we need to be thoughtful.

Again, thank you for your cooperation.  The deadline for making a luncheon reservation is always the Tuesday before the luncheon.  The luncheon is held on the second Tuesday of each month unless there is some major change and we try to alert everyone if that should occur.

We are fortunate to have such a beautiful setting, great food and outstanding service. Often the highlight of the luncheon is the opportunity to meet someone new or have a chance to talk with a friend.  We always look forward to having you attend.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the luncheons, please email Alan Beam at

Luncheon Directions

Take the WA Hwy 308 exit from Hwy 3
Turn Right and proceed to the NBK Bangor main gate. (Pass and ID is the first road to the right before the Main Gate)
From the main gate proceed straight
At the third stop light the road Tees
Turn left on Trigger Ave
At the second light turn left onto Ohio Ave (MacDonalds will be on the Right)
At the stop sign turn left onto Sargo Ave
The Conference Center/Ballroom Is ahead on the left

The meeting is on the second floor
Go through the ballroom door and turn left up the stairs.

Our meeting is generally in the NE corner of the second deck (Follow the signs)


11:00 People start mingling
11:30 Meeting starts
11:45 Luncheon starts
12:15 Program starts
1:00   Program Ends

Upcoming Navy League Tours

Feb 25 @ 10AM – Puget Sound Navy Museum
Bremerton. The Puget Sound Navy Museum collects, preserves, and interprets the naval heritage of the Pacific Northwest from 1840 to the present. Located next to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal.
March 14  @ 10 AM – Trident Refit Facility Bangor  The Trident Refit Facility provides the primary maintenance resource to the 8 Trident Class submarines homeported at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. It operates the Dry Dock at the Bangor Delta Pier and the nearby machine shops. Details to follow about security info required & transportation.
April 16 @ 10 AM – Museum of Flight & Boeing P-8 production line (Seattle) The Museum of Flight holds one of the largest air and space collections in the US. It is located at the southern end of Boeing Field (King County International Airport). It has over 160 air and spacecraft, the original Boeing Aircraft factory, and flight simulators.

The Boeing Thompson Facility is near the Museum of Flight where the Navy P-8A is assembled. The P-8A Poseidon is an aircraft designed for long-range anti-submarine warfare; anti-surface warfare; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.  It is based on the Boeing 737 design and it replaces the P-3 Orion which was placed in service starting in 1962. The performance is to travel 1,200 miles, remain on station for four hours, and return.

May 14 @ 9:20 AM – Trident Training Facility and Trident Submarine Tour (NBK Bangor) The Trident Training Facility provides the training resources needed to support submarine off crew training and proficiency. They include ship control, fire control, torpedo room, missile, and Bridge simulators.  After Lunch on Base we will tour a Trident submarine.

June – Naval Base Everett and DDG Tour (Everett) Naval Base Everett was designed to support a carrier Battle Group and currently is the Homeport for six Guided Missile Destroyers and a Coast Guard buoy tender.

July 23-25 – Astoria Coast Guard facilities & Columbia River Bar Pilot Association (Astoria, OR) The 2 day tour will include USCG Columbia River Air Station, USCG Aids to Navigation Station Astoria, Columbia River Bar Pilot Association,  Cape Disappointment National Motor Lifeboat School, Cape disappointment Lighthouse and North Head Lighthouse.

Tour Planning:

Hi friends,

This is information that you may get in more than one email in the future, but I wanted to be sure you had the information if you wish to participate. Hope you can come, and please let me know as soon as possible, so we can be sure to have you on the list successfully.

I try to arrange tours up to 6 months in advance so there is time to work with schedules & plan days off (if necessary), but sometimes the facility being toured can’t specify a date & time that far in advance. In those cases, I’ll send out at least which month we will be going to the places listed.

Tours can be for the benefit of our members, to acquaint them with the people & organizations we support. They are also a way for the command to acquaint us with their capabilities, people & mission. Our tours are also a potential recruiting format for Navy League membership, so we usually want to include non members who might become members when they see what an interesting time we have.

Most of our tours involve places or facilities that have something to do with the military, so there is often some form of security information that we need to submit. It varies from command to command, so there is no one form we can always use. When people sign up, I will send out the required information about what we need to submit, etc.

Cost is almost always minimal. If we get to have lunch on a ship or base, the prices are always very reasonable. Sometimes we meet off base for a meal, which is up to the individual participant.

In order to be able to communicate on the day of the tour, in case someone can’t find the meeting point or for other purposes, it is good to have cell phone numbers submitted when you make your reservation so I can reach you if necessary. My cell is 360-434-1144 (home is 360-638-1235). The best way to make a reservation if you want to go on a tour is to email me at

Some times the tours can only accommodate a certain number of participants, and they go to a lot of trouble to set up guides and other arrangements for us, so I want to stress that if you sign up, PLEASE make every effort to attend the tour. Last minute cancellations are regrettable but occasionally necessary, but that often means that someone who wanted to go but couldn’t therefore loses out. Please make it a high priority to attend the tours you signed up for.

We are blessed with many local commands which are generous in allowing us to tour, as well as being impressive to see, but I’m always open to suggestions of places you’d like to tour. We can’t always make it happen, but we can try.

Byron Faber
Home: 360-638-1235
Cell: 360-434-1144

Base Access Form SECNAV_5512_1_11787

If you do not have base access you may be directed here to fill out a form. The message sending you here will provide instructions on where to send it.















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