capt-kurgan-navfac-nwThe December 13 Luncheon Speaker will be Captain Chris Kurgan, Commanding Officer of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Northwest, located in Silverdale WA.  NAVFAC Northwest manages the planning, design, construction, contingency engineering, real estate, environmental programs and Public Works covering six states; Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska.

Captain Kurgan was commissioned through the NROTC program in 1990, and reported onboard NAVFAC Northwest in July 2016.

Capt Kurgan served as Commodore of Naval Construction Group 1, Port Hueneme, CA.  He was Deputy Commander for Operations and Guam Program Manager at NAVFAC Pacific, Pearl Harbor, HI,  Commanding Officer, NMCB ONE THIRTY THREE, Gulfport, MS; Operations Officer, NAVFAC Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia, Naples, IT.

His education includes Executive Training Program, Kellogg School, Northwestern University, 2012; Masters of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2001; Bachelors of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, 1990; Professional Qualifications:  Seabee Combat Warfare, Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Ohio, Defense Acquisition Corps. His awards include the Legion of Merit (2 awards), Bronze Star (2 awards), Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), Navy Commendation Medal (5 awards), Joint Achievement Medal (2 awards), Presidential Service Badge, 2004 Admiral Ben Moreell Medal, and Various Campaign and Unit Awards.

Location is the Bangor Conference Center, Trident Ballroom, NBK, Bangor.

Doors open at 11:00, Lunch begins at 11:30

Registration: Please call Evergreen Transfer & Storage at 360 674-2762 for your lunch registration. Please call before Dec 6.

  • Members without base access; processing time can take weeks.
  • Please give your name as it appears on your driver’s license.
  • Spell your name to make certain that it will be correct on the gate access sheet. Provide your date of birth and city of birth.
  • Members without enhanced WA Drivers License need to be on the base access list or be escorted.
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Bremerton Olympic Penninsula Navy League Council is now registered as a charity on Amazon Smile, and we have received our first rebate check.

amazonsmileWhat is AmazonSmile?

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How do I shop at AmazonSmile?

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Which products on AmazonSmile are eligible for charitable donations?

Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations. You will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages. Recurring Subscribe-and-Save purchases and subscription renewals are not currently eligible.

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Upcoming Navy League Tours


Jan 6 – USS Nimitz @ 10 AM, followed by lunch on board.

Feb 9 – SWFPAC ask me about this one if you are interested in it open to Navy League members only, no children

Others planned for the next several months will be:

The P8 “Poseidon” submarine  hunter  production line at Boeing
NUWC Keyport
Safe Boats Manufacturing at Bremerton & Tacoma
A Trident sub at Bangor and the Trident Training Facility
Whidbey Island Naval Air Station
Indian Island Naval Magazine
US Coast Guard Maritime Force Protection Unit Bangor
Possibly the USS Seawolf
Others to be named later

Hi friends,

This is information that you may get in more than one email in the future, but I wanted to be sure you had the information if you wish to participate. Hope you can come, and please let me know as soon as possible, so we can be sure to have you on the list successfully.

Tour Planning:

I try to arrange tours up to 6 months in advance so there is time to work with schedules & plan days off (if necessary), but sometimes the facility being toured can’t specify a date & time that far in advance. In those cases, I’ll send out at least which month we will be going to the places listed.

Tours can be for the benefit of our members, to acquaint them with the people & organizations we support. They are also a way for the command to acquaint us with their capabilities, people & mission. Our tours are also a potential recruiting format for Navy League membership, so we usually want to include non members who might become members when they see what an interesting time we have.

Most of our tours involve places or facilities that have something to do with the military, so there is often some form of security information that we need to submit. It varies from command to command, so there is no one form we can always use. When people sign up, I will send out the required information about what we need to submit, etc.

Cost is almost always minimal. If we get to have lunch on a ship or base, the prices are always very reasonable. Sometimes we meet off base for a meal, which is up to the individual participant.

In order to be able to communicate on the day of the tour, in case someone can’t find the meeting point or for other purposes, it is good to have cell phone numbers submitted when you make your reservation so I can reach you if necessary. My cell is 360-434-1144 (home is 360-638-1235). The best way to make a reservation if you want to go on a tour is to email me at

Some times the tours can only accommodate a certain number of participants, and they go to a lot of trouble to set up guides and other arrangements for us, so I want to stress that if you sign up, PLEASE make every effort to attend the tour. Last minute cancellations are regrettable but occasionally necessary, but that often means that someone who wanted to go but couldn’t therefore loses out. Please make it a high priority to attend the tours you signed up for.

We are blessed with many local commands which are generous in allowing us to tour, as well as being impressive to see, but I’m always open to suggestions of places you’d like to tour. We can’t always make it happen, but we can try.

Byron Faber

Base Access Form SECNAV_5512_1_11787

If you do not have base access you may be directed here to fill out a form. The message sending you here will provide instructions on where to send it.

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Dec 7: NUWC Keyport Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony


Keyport, Wash. – On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, at 11 a.m., the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division (NUWC), Keyport will hold their annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Ceremony at the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum’s Jack Murdock Auditorium in Keyport, Washington.

This year’s ceremony commemorates 75 years since that day which has lived in “infamy,”  and includes a presentation on Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific, music by Navy Band Northwest, the opportunity to meet and speak with local Pearl Harbor survivors in attendance. The ceremony is free and open to the public.

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Bremerton Area Sea Cadet Squadron Size Triples!


Bremerton, Washington. Long before the first call of “Let’s Make a Deal!”, Sea Cadets from the Keyport-based USS SCORPION Squadron were at the Bremerton Elks Lodge setting-up tables and helping turn the Lodge’s main hall into a maze of game shows and display booths for military families to enjoy. They also staffed the check-in table, distributed forms, helped families move from one game to the next, and helped clean-up and stow tables after the event. The Military Game Show Party was hosted by the Ranger and Northwest Military newspapers, and insurer USAA.

Fourteen of the Squadron’s 30 or so members were able to attend the November 5th training event, which afforded the Cadets another excellent opportunity to provide visible support to the local community. But it wasn’t always that way.

Cadet Micah Wheeler, a Kingston High Sophomore, who has been with the Squadron for over three years, was quick to highlight the changes he has seen. “Once we got our new officers, they were able to get the word out there, get us into more events, and make us more public. It showed a lot more people that we were here…and here to help.”

The greater public exposure and emphasis on community service has paid-off for the Squadron, formerly known as the “Kitsap Battalion.” In just under three years, they have grown their enrollment from a low of eight active Cadets to a high of 28. The impressive growth has been achieved through primarily word of mouth–one happy Cadet or parent telling their friends–and being more visible to the community. Read More…

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Nov 7: Safe Boats Tour


While Byron and Pat Faber are enjoying a trip to New Zealand, fourteen Navy League members toured Safe Boats on November 7th. We were welcomed by CEO Dennis Moore at the Bremerton facility.  SAFE Boats started in 1997 and now has 375 employees with 123 employees at the Tacoma facility which opened in 2012.

Safe Boats Floor

Dennis gave us an overview of some of the ships being built for the Navy and also other countries. SAFE Boats product line includes: Center Console(23-35 feet); Full Cabin(25-38 feet); Walk Around(27-29 feet).  There are also Special Purpose Inboards(26-36 feet); Center Console offshore(33 and 41 feet); Full Cabin Inboard(36-65 feet). The newest and most exciting is the Mark 6 or Mk VI. SAFE Boats is an innovative leader in multi-mission boats.  These are combat specific and used for Naval patrol. They need to be fast and serve multi-purposes.  The Navy has ordered 12 of this new ship design with 7 already delivered.  The Mk VI is 84 feet long and has a beam of 19′ 10″.


SAFE Boats has also made over 40 OTH Horizons for the Coast Guard which are 26 ‘ long and mostly used for Search and Rescue on the cutters. In 2016, they started production of the CIV(Coastal Inteceptor Vessel)  for Custom and Border Protection. They are designed for offshore patrol and interdiction with a maximum speed of 56 knots. Up to 40% of the SAFE Boats built are sold internationally. In the United States, they have over 160 state and local customers. Darren Hansen, one of our tour guides, allowed us to board a 65′ jet boat being built and dubbed the “Guardian” which is supplied with Hamilton jets and goes in excess of 52 mph.

Our group took a break and lunched at the Airport Diner in Bremerton before heading to Tacoma for the afternoon tour. Hartwell Champagne welcomed us to the Tacoma plant, and JD Schultz gave us an in-depth tour of how SAFE Boats has customized existing buildings and works with the Army who leases dock space. As of now, the Army has not ordered any SAFE boats!

But again all of the excitement is about the new 85′ Navy Patrol Boat called the Mk VI. And we could see why, after getting a personal tour of one of the boats at dockside. This particular boat does not have the collars which are so visible on other SAFE Boats. These are designed to go on a large amphibious ship(up to 6 boats) and sent to areas where needed. They are used for recovery so the sides are adapted to getting on and off the ship there and also have a most unusual split bow so the Navy can board ships bow-in and not go along side for safety and ease of the crew when off-boarding.

Safe Boats Mk VI

There is a working crew of 10 with 5 on duty at one time. The ship can also carry up to 13 additional Navy personnel. Because of potential hostile encounters, there is ballistic protection and  armament on the bow and stern. These boats are jet propelled and cruise at 28 knots in 28+ waves. There are 20+ high tech individual seats for safety since the boat can be going 28 knots and stop in 1 1/2 boat lengths or make radical turns.

MK VI Cockpit



MK VI Cabin






Everyone needs to be strapped in for safety!!! The Mk VI carries 5,000 gallons of fuel with a range of 600 miles. This behemoth costs $10 million and takes 30,000 hours to build.

There is a lot of research and development being done by the Navy. The plan for the future is having autonomous ships that can carry missiles that are remote controlled.  Imagine seeing unmanned ships at sea! SAFE Boats hopes to be part of this future. -Diane Quayle

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Navy Fashioning Future Attack Sub With UUVs In Mind



The U.S. Navy, which is in the early stages of exploring a potential successor to the Virginia class attack submarine, expects that unmanned underwater vessels (UUVs) will be an integral part of the future submarine’s design.

“We have for years used any available interface on the Virginia submarine to get a UUV off the ship, whether it’s torpedo tubes, three-inch launchers or trash disposal units,” said Rear Adm. Michael Jabaley, the Navy’s program executive officer for submarines. “We have to get beyond that. There has to be a better way to design this [future] submarine from the ground up to seamlessly deploy UUVs.”

The Navy also wants a “transformational propulsion system” to ensure the new submarine, called the SSN(X), remains stealthy despite anticipated advances in submarine detection by potential adversaries, said Jabaley, who spoke at the Naval Submarine League’s annual symposium held Oct. 26-27 in Arlington, Va. “We have to cast that net wide and figure out what’s going to protect our submarines well beyond the 2080s and how do we get that into the SSN(X).”

The Navy plans to begin a formal analysis of alternatives for SSN(X) in about eight years, start construction in 2034 and begin fielding it in 2044. While the Navy is considering buying an eighth block of Virginia submarines, Jabaley does not see such a purchase as a substitute for a new submarine.

“I don’t want anyone to think we aren’t aggressively approaching the SSN(X),” he said. “The need for this type of platform is significant.”

Another symposium speaker, Rear Adm. Bill Merz, the Navy’s director of submarine warfare, said he is eager to expand the use of UUVs with existing submarines to ease crew workloads, especially for less complex tasks. He encouraged industry to provide systems that the service can experiment with in small numbers.

“Give me what you have, I will take it to sea, I will give you feedback and you continue to develop and evolve,” he said.

“I am very committed to the unmanned system but I want to get them out there. I want to kick them over the side and start using them.” Merz said the submarine fleet has already made progress with UUVs but has been slowed by the challenge of operating in a harsh, opaque environment, where communication is difficult. Controlling UUVs and netting them with manned systems remain “immense hurdles.”

Rear Adm. Fritz Roegge, submarine force commander for U.S. Pacific Fleet, told the symposium audience that the Navy plans to create the submarine fleet’s first UUV squadron by about 2019 in Bangor, Wash. The squadron will conduct tests and participate in operational missions with multiple submarines. It will also fly unmanned aerial vehicles.

Defense Daily Article by Marc Selinger


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USS Washington Captains Log: 11 Oct 2016

USS Washington CrestI would like to start this log entry with a hearty congratulations for some recent promotions. ETNC Fendley, MMAC Mroz, and ETNC Stewart all recently pinned on their Chief’s anchors. Also, LCDR Sault and LT Anglin were both selected for permanent appointment to Lieutenant Commander. Finally, through the Meritorious Advancement Program, the command promoted MMA1 Howard, MMW2 Johnson and ETV3 Pegg. Congratulations to all. Soon we should get the results of the latest advancement examination and I look forward to more promotions.

Ship construction is progressing with minor delays; sea trials and delivery to the Navy is only months away. The crew has done a great job preparing for our future operations. The weaponeers were recently certified to load and handle torpedoes. They also led the charge towards our force protection certification. The engineers successfully performed the initial start-up and shutdown of the reactor and will be testing the steam plant systems, shortly. Those in Navigation & Operations department are preparing for navigation systems certifications. Last week, we shifted working spaces in conjunction with the transfer of our computer systems from the PCU building to aboard the ship. Later this month, the ship will be declared habitable (as discussed in my last log entry) in large part due to the efforts of Supply Department.

On the horizon is full combat system interoperability testing, salvage equipment inspections, dock trails, and then final crew certification prior to fast cruise and sea trials. In support of all these events, the crew has been testing the multitude of systems, walking through various procedures and practicing casualty actions. I look forward to going to sea with this highly professional team of sailors.

J.J. Schneider Commanding Officer

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Nov 11: Veterans Day Ceremony@ Kitsap County Fairgrounds


Bremerton Olympic Peninsula Council joins with 40 Local organizations join to host the largest Veterans Day Program in the State of Washington.

Where:                Kitsap Sun Pavilion, Kitsap County Fairgrounds
When:                 Friday, November 11, 2016
Time:                 Doors open at 9:00 AM, close at 1:00 PM
Ceremony:             10:20-11:45 A
Admission:            FREE
Information Booths:   24 booths with military related displays, including vintage uniforms and vehicles
Food:                 Donated by Crazy Eric’s Drive-In and Hudson Auto Centers
Music:                Bremerton High School Band

Join us at the Kitsap Sun Pavilion on the Kitsap County Fairgrounds as we pause to remember and honor our veterans.  Doors open at 9:00am so that you can view the many displays and visit the 24 booths. Vintage military uniforms and vehicles will be on display.  Arrive early so that you can find a place to sit, as over 1800 people are expected to attend.

The actual program begins at 10:20 am with pomp and circumstance of a very formal Parade of Colors.  Rear Admiral John Tammen, Commander Submarine Group Nine and Guy Stitt, Bremerton Navy League Ambassador will serve as the co-MCs.  County Commissioner Edward Wolfe will introduce all of the Military and Political dignitaries.  The Bremerton High School Marching Band will provide the music. This year, the keynote speaker is Cdr Jack James (USN-Ret), US Navy Seal.

The Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of Navy League is proud to provide the coordination and funds for this memorable event along with 40 other organizations.  Special thanks go to Navy League members, John Gardner, the new Chairman of the event and founding Committee members, Earle and Sandra Smith for their hard work throughout the year to make certain that this program is very special.

Crazy Eric’s Drive-In will be providing free refreshments following the program.  Hudson Auto Centers will provide free cake.  Thanks also to the City of Bremerton, Kitsap Sun, Raytheon, Gordon Sound, and the County Commissioners for their great support of this event.

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Feb 9: Strategic Weapons Facility Tour


For the first tour of the new year we are honored to attend a tour of the Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific  on 9 Feb 2017. This is a special NAVY LEAGUE MEMBERS ONLY Tour.

SWFPAC logoThe land for the Bangor base, 7,000 acres on the East side of the Hood Canal and approximately 500-600 acres directly across the Canal on the Toandos Peninsula, was purchased from local landowners beginning in 1941, and completed by 1944. In 1943 the Marginal Pier had been built to handle the loading of ammunition on Navy transport ships headed for the Pacific Theater during WWII.

Commissioned as POLARIS Missile Facility Pacific (POMFPAC) in 1964, the POLARIS A3 missile facility was in full production and providing the Fleet with high-quality missiles by December of that year. The “jewel” of Strategic Systems Programs’ (SSP’s) Fleet Ballistic Missile ( FBM) program for the Pacific was recommissioned Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific (SWFPAC) in July 1974. Along with the command name change, came a new mission: SWFPAC would become the missile production facility for the new generation FBM deterrent weapons—the TRIDENT I (C4) missile. By August 1980, SWFPAC was approved as a TRIDENT-capable facility and production of the new missile began. The first of 8 TRIDENT submarines assigned to protect American soil and interests in the Pacific, USS OHIO, arrived in August 1982, becoming the first of the Pacific TRIDENT Submarine Fleet.

Plan on meeting at the Keyport Naval Undersea Museum at 8:45 on Feb 9, 2017.  A bus will pick up everyone at the museum parking lot at 09:00 and wrap up at noon.  Only US Citizens.  Only Navy League Members.   No kids!!!   You will be touring industrial areas.   No cameras, camera cell phones or cell phones allowed in any of the areas.  It’s best to leave them in their cars.  I will need the list by 26 Jan to be able to process access with Naval Base Kitsap.

We will need to provide:

Last Name
First name
Middle initial
Date of birth
US Citizenship
Place of birth

to allow for base and waterfront restricted area access.  If you are interested please contact Byron Faber, Email:, Cell: 360-434-1144

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Oct 6: Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Keyport Tour

Some very fortunate Navy League members and guests had the unique opportunity to tour NUWC – Keyport on October 6, 2016.  NUWC – Keyport is an important part of the Naval Sea Systems Command Warfare Centers.  There is one other undersea warfare center, in Newport, RI and there are 8 surface warfare centers around the country.  Keyport originally opened just over 100 years ago in 1914 as the Pacific Coast Torpedo Station.  Although torpedo maintenance and repair are still important components of the work at Keyport (25-30%) there are many additional operations that have evolved over the years.  In the interest of brevity this report will necessarily be limited to the areas we toured.  It is highly recommended that anyone looking to know more about Keyport and warfare centers look at some of the informative web sites that can be found on line. Official NUWC Keyport website, History of NUWC Keyport Tracking Ranges, Torpedo Town USA, Read More…

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